Wednesday, November 26, 2008



Rob Pattinson ... Bite Me ... Please!

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm still here

...yes im just really busy that i dont have time to check my blog sometimes...
...busy working..i get 40 hours a week right now since we are short with people
...Thanksgiving is coming up..and yes im working pay! yey!
...Winter's bday is in less than 1 month..time flies by so fast she is turning 3 already
...sadly daddy will miss her bday this year and all the holidays that are coming up
...4 months down and 10 months to go until this deployment is over!'s been raining here..sarap matulog..i love my days off from work..i get to sleep in
...friday we went to chuckee cheese's for a birthday party..winter had so much fun
...saturday..went to sears to have her pictures taken for christmas and birthday
*sighs* weekend is almost over again..Another week of work...well another day..another pay off bills haha

hope everyone will have a great week..i will try to post more often..and will post pictures soon..take care!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Credit Unions are CREDIT-able

Yes, we did!

Sports Clothing - Where? When?

A Yo-Yo Holiday

Monday, November 10, 2008

random stuff

* It's Monday..another week...
* Work was okay..same bs everyday with military personnel hehe
* Took my car to Mazda dealership to fix some stuff..waited for about 2 wasn't bad there was wifi..and tv that i changed to PBS kids in the waiting room
* went to the post office to mail a box to my hubby
* started pouring - and of course as i expected - there's traffic!
* My little sister is 20 mins late for her hula practice
* I decided to wait here for her 1.5 hr practice instead of going home and coming back to pick her up
* I'm stealing someone's connection right now so it's good hehe

* Holiday tomorrow - Veteran's day! - yeeyy i'm working haha..i love working on holidays!

Let's give honor to America's Veterans

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Operator Tactical Pants

Operator Tactical Apparel is the standard uniform used for tactical officers, law enforcements and the military. It is also worn by off duty officers, military as well and civilians in general. They have more than 20 years experience in this business and we can tell that they are expert with these tactical pants.

There are loads of reasons why to choose these tactical pants. These apparels have a trademark of having more comfort, more pockets, and more maneuverability. It is made of 60% cotton, 40% Polyester and has 10 pockets all in all. Fabric is made of fade resistant, cargo pockets with organization system and double knee fabric.

Check out their website to see what you are missing out. Click Here


I know it's a little bit late but here are some pictures from Halloween. I took Winter and my other cousins to the mall for Trick or Treat. On the way to the mall we were 9 in my mini Mazda 5's a 6 seater! Sorry didn't get to take a picture how I was able to fit 9 people there. We went to Ala Moana Mall.

But yes we all had fun getting candies. Winter was very excited because last year we did went to the mall in San Diego but it was only the two of us hehe.

Winter & Ms Trinidad & Tobago

with Popeye & Olive

with some of Winter's Aunties & Uncles

and there's my "Little Ms. Philippines" enjoying her lollilop =)

Zoo - You're animals!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Barrack Obama is the 44th president of the United States??

Well....we'll just wait and see what he can "change" with this country...

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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Mi familia - mama, papa, sisters & the bf - minus my hubby

This was taken on Oct 1st, my papa's 52nd birthday. We ate dinner at Makino Chaya in Aloha Tower. We had a blast! We ate like we didnt eat for weeks..we ate like pigs! haha. Hey it's buffet so might as well eat all you can to make sure you don't waste the money right?

(Makino Chaya Founded by the veteran of a famous chain of restaurants in Japan, this buffet offers a unique concept in buffet dining. Select from salad and sushi station (30 types), hot food station, tempura, desserts, and more. Marvel at an amazing variety of seafood, including Alaskan king crab, half-shell oysters, snow crab legs, dungeness crab, shrimp tempura, shrimp cocktail, sashimi, and miso butterfish. The Aloha Tower Marketplace location will feature a large lobster tank, with novel delicacies such as fresh-caught uni (sea urchin).

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Hello everyone! Happy Belated Halloween. I will post pictures later on. Hope all of you are well. Take Care. Will do update soon.