Monday, February 2, 2009


There's so much stuff to blog about but i just can't find the time
to put it up all together and type...
Been busy with the whole month of January

  • My cousin & my birthday (yes we do have the same birthday a year apart) literally ate the whole day with friends & families after work
  • My sister got married (i will definetely post pics on that later)
  • bingo day & bowling day with fambam (lol)
  • and of course countless hula shows for my other sister

Thank God it is February..another month down for me..couple more days and im halfway done with this deployment...i miss my hubby and i cant wait to see him again...i just look at the brighter side and i know we are all going to be together as family before i know it

and yes busy February again

  • Superbowl XLIII yesterday, didn't really care who will win but that was a good 4th quarter....& the commercials were cool too with our 3D glasses, thanks to foodland hehe
  • with my sister dancing for the Probowl for the 5th year...a whole week of practice from 6pm to going on Friday for the practice..see some players & Enrique if im excited to him...NOT! lol..well just the heck of saying "oh i saw them!" lol
  • and of course busy preparing for the Great Aloha's going to be on President's Day the running/walking for the 1st time. I've always wanted to do this but I was never here on the island around this time of the year (well except for the year that i just gave birth) it's 8.15 mile foot race..goodluck sa ken! hehe
  • oh and V-day..the 14th..there is Keiki Aloha Run-- a 1.5 mile run for ages 12 & under..Winter is doing it and other cousins!
  • This coming weekend my Uncle's birthday - we have a Bingo birthday bash for him..imagine there is an entrance fee to play but that includes food & 10 games which u can win up to $100 per game..haha we have a crazy family!
  • & on the 3rd weekend our FamBam is going to have a Bowling League!!! LOL

Sooo that's what's keeping me busy besides going to work everday at 5am every morning! & of course my precious daughter Winter!

But i still love life..and there's so much to be thankful for all the blessings..can not complain.

Hope all is well...Ingats everyone...till my next post =)