Sunday, November 2, 2008


Mi familia - mama, papa, sisters & the bf - minus my hubby

This was taken on Oct 1st, my papa's 52nd birthday. We ate dinner at Makino Chaya in Aloha Tower. We had a blast! We ate like we didnt eat for weeks..we ate like pigs! haha. Hey it's buffet so might as well eat all you can to make sure you don't waste the money right?

(Makino Chaya Founded by the veteran of a famous chain of restaurants in Japan, this buffet offers a unique concept in buffet dining. Select from salad and sushi station (30 types), hot food station, tempura, desserts, and more. Marvel at an amazing variety of seafood, including Alaskan king crab, half-shell oysters, snow crab legs, dungeness crab, shrimp tempura, shrimp cocktail, sashimi, and miso butterfish. The Aloha Tower Marketplace location will feature a large lobster tank, with novel delicacies such as fresh-caught uni (sea urchin).


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