Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm still here

...yes im just really busy that i dont have time to check my blog sometimes...
...busy working..i get 40 hours a week right now since we are short with people
...Thanksgiving is coming up..and yes im working pay! yey!
...Winter's bday is in less than 1 month..time flies by so fast she is turning 3 already
...sadly daddy will miss her bday this year and all the holidays that are coming up
...4 months down and 10 months to go until this deployment is over!'s been raining here..sarap matulog..i love my days off from work..i get to sleep in
...friday we went to chuckee cheese's for a birthday party..winter had so much fun
...saturday..went to sears to have her pictures taken for christmas and birthday
*sighs* weekend is almost over again..Another week of work...well another day..another pay off bills haha

hope everyone will have a great week..i will try to post more often..and will post pictures soon..take care!


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kRisTiNe said...

Hi Winnie!

Just checking in... I know what you mean about being busy... As much as I like keeping my blog updated eh minsan mas-importante pa rin na I get enough sleep, hehehe.

I'll wait na lang for Winter's Christmas pictures =). How is she adjusting with you working, by the way?