Monday, November 10, 2008

random stuff

* It's Monday..another week...
* Work was okay..same bs everyday with military personnel hehe
* Took my car to Mazda dealership to fix some stuff..waited for about 2 wasn't bad there was wifi..and tv that i changed to PBS kids in the waiting room
* went to the post office to mail a box to my hubby
* started pouring - and of course as i expected - there's traffic!
* My little sister is 20 mins late for her hula practice
* I decided to wait here for her 1.5 hr practice instead of going home and coming back to pick her up
* I'm stealing someone's connection right now so it's good hehe

* Holiday tomorrow - Veteran's day! - yeeyy i'm working haha..i love working on holidays!

Let's give honor to America's Veterans

1 comment:

Joops said...

why because of the holiday pay hehehe..