Monday, April 13, 2009


My sister got married 24th of January. It was a simple beach wedding & had a reception aftewards. It was only family members but as to both my family & my bro in law's family are huge. It looks like there's a lot of us lol. I bought her dress from Macy, shoes from Aldo..both were very affordable price. She made her own hair & make up. Bouquet was made by her sis-in-law.

Here are few pictures to share...

Magic Island - 01.24.09

Lunch buffet afterwards @ the Prince Kuhio Hotel

Cake made by the Mother in law

Red Velvet cake was delicous!!
Bro in law's Ohana

more updates....Hope everybody had a good Easter! God bless


Mahmood Syedfaheem said...

Hi Winnie! Nice blog. Beautiful photographs. God is Great. Let us pray for peace for the world. Let us protect our planet for our children from pollution. Wish you all the best.

Gorgeous MUM said...

congrats to your sis! it is simple but surely very meaningful to everybody, especially to the newly weds!

i love her dress!

LIZZIE said...

Congratulations to ur sister and ur whole family! Wow, I've always liked beach wedding. It looks so beautiful. With the sea and sand and sunshine.. *Sigh*...

She looks really beautiful.. All of you must be so proud.. *^_~*