Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Here is the time i have put aside to update my blog..lol sorry it took me a longgg time
It's been so long that i dont even know where to start..
I'll just start with the beginning of the month - January

There were so much that had happened...

January is my birth month, celebrated it without my husband again but at least i spent my day with family & friends. I worked that day but i get off work at 1330 so I still have a lot of time to celebrate my day...nothing happened at work coz no one knows it's my birthday and besides everyone's busy as we had our new GM the following week. That's another story..It was a very long day for me, very busy!!!

anyway here are some pictures to share ...

After work late lunch with madam Janis at E & O Trading Co., (Southeast Asia-themed restaurant which closed down after couple of weeks lol) but thanks Madam for the treat!)

Next dinner at Tsukiji in Ala Moana Mall

Here is my BFF cousin Charing - we have the same bday - 1 yr apart

Here's Winter after her shave ice...lol

Nope my day isn't over yet...went to my sister's bachelorette party ..well didn't really go, i went to show off my face coz i have to work the following morning..and this was like 11pm already..oh i was rushing because my cousin was waiting outside with Winter LOL
Here's a shot for my sister! LOL i didnt drink..
took an empty shot glass for picture purposes only lol

And here are her local Japanese friends lol love them though
Soo...ran outside to get my cousin so she can join the party lol...That's how i celebrated my birthday!..Another year! Another year to be thankful.

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Gorgeous MUM said...

nice to have you back! can't wait for your next updates!

take care!