Thursday, September 11, 2008

another day

hello everyone..wala lang..eto bored pero tinatamad pa rin mag update ng kwento at pictures. wala pa rin pera kase wala pa rin trabaho haha.

Aug 21st to Aug 30th lang ako sa pinas.
family emergency lang, my uncle is sick and we went home to see him lang. then just took the opportunity to see some friends.
it was a short trip..wish i couldve stayed longer. missed family & friends a lot after 10 years. Manila looked so different from the time i left. Grabe i was lost, para akong nasa ibang lugar haha.
Hopefully i can come home again soon...sana hindi abutin ng 10 years ulit. I will post more pictures later on..
Hope everyone is having a great week...enjoy the weekend and have fun!

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