Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I started watching Hockey when me and my husband started dating in 2001.
Didn't really care at all in the beginning, but eventually loved watching every
Detroit RedWings game. My husband plays hockey and I go to his games all the time so maybe that's half of the reason why i learned to love this game. It's fun and exciting.

Last night was Game 5, Red Wings lead the series 3-1. Went to 3 OT but we lost, Peguins won. Watched the game for 5 hours! Me and my husband were both disappointed and still can't believe that we lost. Well game 6 tomorrow at Pittsburgh but I'm telling you that we will bring home the CUP! no more Game 7!



Lyssa said...

Hi Winnie! I like your blog's design. Mukhang once a year ka lang may time mag-update ha.. j/k :-) Keep it up!

+ Liz + said...

sa wakas may updates na...