Friday, May 30, 2008

In Denial

I still can't believe that my friend Mio is gone. I have so many regrets...I wasn't able to see him, or was able to talk to him even on the phone. I feel bad that all through out the years that I've been here in the States that I can count in my fingers how many times I've talked to him.

Read an offline messages from friends Lisette and Tim on YM yesterday, and immediately had to confirm that it's not a stupid joke. I wish it's just one of the those stupid posts/jokes. But it's not....He is gone. My friend Ervin called and updated me to what have had happened to Mio. We were both sobbing over the phone. Chatted with Egai and Remar late last night and again we were all crying. I really miss Remigio, he was one of my best friends in high school, he was my Kuya. I want to give him a hug... if I can just go home.... just one last hug and tell him "daya mo!"
Miss na miss kita Mio...Love You

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