Sunday, July 8, 2007

11:48 PM
i was on 15 heading south from Temecula
speed limit 70 mph
got pulled over
i was with my cousin and 2 babies in the back (winter & rami)

the officer checked everything

- michigan drivers license -
- hawaii car registration -
- california car insurace

luckily my registration doesn't expire until the 31st. he asked me how long have i had the car in california. he asked if i'm in the military probably because my car is still registered in hawaii and my driver's license is still michigan. well it's common if you are in the military or a wife of a military. to move atleast every 3-5 years or sometimes a year or two. (military life is a different story. I'll post a story about that on my next blog...) (promise lisette lol)

he asked if i have been drinking? any prescription drugs? (of course i didnt drink any alcohol nor taking any medication) he asked if i know how fast i was going? (ahm i said 70) and he said i was going 80 (whatever. i was even doing 90 on some part but sometimes without noticing it). I'm a safe driver =)

I'm already nervous about getting a ticket. How many points is he going to give me. How will I pay this...etc. etc....

But then suddenly there's a loud car screech behind us.....and another one.....he then said "we have an emergency, we have to go. just drive safely."


I cant afford to have a ticket, im broke
God is good
Have a great week and be safe


kRisTiNe said...

Hi Winnie! Salamat naman at may mababasa nako sa blog mo ;p. And to give you an excuse to make another entry... I tagged you. Sagutan mo ha!

P.S. Musta na si Winter???

+ Liz + said...

grabeh naman yon... kwento pa!

Lyssa said...

** delayed reaction... **
LOL! That's CHP for you. They're raising more money for a new road or something. 18 months ago, I learned that "I'm sorry officer! *bat eyelashes*" does NOT work :P I'm glad you got out without getting a ticket. Saved by the bell!