Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's been a long time...

since my last post..been really busy with life. i should make a come back with blogging...

left Hawaii end of Oct to go to San Diego...stayed there about 3 weeks
spent time with my cousins and finished our pcsing paperworks.
Left San Diego about 2nd of November and drove there to Michigan

Yes, it was a road trip! Very tiring but much needed family time.
My husband just came back after 15 months of being apart. (he was deployed in the middle east)
hopefully ill be able to post pictures...

Been here for about 4 months now. Though i lived here before it's a lot of adjusting to do..
I'm currently stay at home mom and taking classes online. Winter's activities (kumon and gymnastics) is what makes me busy. I go to Y to workout and Yoga. Waiting for a phone call for a job offer. Hopefully soon!

Ill update again and pictures in the next 2 weeks :)

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kitty said...

sis winnie!! musta na rin?? grabeh umalis na kami ng Hawaii mga bandang sept 2009 papunta dito sa San Diego, dito kami sa Chula vista. :) I miss hawaii sobraaa! So wala na rin pala kayo dun ha? pero babalik at babalik ka pa rin dun kasi may family ka dun di gaya namin halos lahat narito sa San Diego at sa iabng states mismo. :D thanks for hitting me up, I appreciate it! :)