Thursday, October 2, 2008


I was reading news when I woke up and this caught my attention...

Chapter 1: Zo gets the wakeup call

The kid wouldn’t eat. Not a bite. There was nothing his father could do. Doctors, nurses, and even fellow patients tried and got nowhere. For almost two weeks, no food. "I think he was giving up," said Brian Mossbarger of his ten-year- old son, Zach. Of all the setbacks in a lifetime of setbacks, this was the most crushing for the father to watch.
And this from a dad who found Zach unresponsive at the tender age of three weeks old, rushed him to a small- town Ohio hospital, had doctors set up a medical helicopter to a bigger facility in Toledo, and was told, brutally, "Don’t expect him to survive the airlift." Read more...


vicy said...

Condolence sis..Was here for a visit and read about your uncle..Nways, have a wonderful weekend and God Bless!!

Katelove's said...

Visiting here today and checking here. have a lovely week ahead. Take care.

Tey said...

geee I will die if I see any of my kids suffer. Thanks for sharing.
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