Tuesday, October 7, 2008

busy busy busy

thanks everyone that visited...i've been busy again..
i finally started working again..after 2 years of sahm & 3 months of waiting for the call from human resources
my cousins that went to Manila for a visit stopped by here for a few days..So my weekend was really busy spending time with them (as usual pictures will follow later..hehe)
I love going to work..but it just break my heart every time i say bye to her when I leave for work..
i'm still adjusting..my body is adjusting again to waking up at a certain time of the day..i work days in which my shift starts at 5am till 1pm..i love my working schedule that is why i chose to go back there. I still have a lot of time the rest of the day to spend it with my precious Winter..
im missing my sleeping hours ..my 8-10 hour of sleep haha
so far my schedule looks good..7 days straight of work haha. it's gonna kill me but hey that's $$$ haha

my cousins stayed at marriott for the whole weekend and we stayed with them the whole time...i will be posting pictures and more stories later..
hope everyone is doing good...have a great week

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