Tuesday, September 23, 2008


  • I took Winter back to Tripler yesterday for the follow up check..Dr said it might not be an uti..hopefully not..so just waiting for the lab results.

  • Finally I got a call for my job..I might start soon..yey!

  • Been really busy with life in general...i go in the afternoon to the family's business (catering & sewing)...help a little bit...drop of my little sister to school every morning (we leave as early as possible to beat traffic)..drive her to kumon..to her hula practice..and her shows..and drive relatives whenever they needed a ride or anything (yup dakilang Winnie haha)

  • The reason why we went home to Manila was to see our Uncle (my Mom's only brother) - he was diagnosed with Cancer around June - it was malignant already. He was already weak when we got to see him but still can talk (not clear anymore). He passed away couple of days ago Sept 21st at the age of 52. He is a Dentist. He left behind a wife (which happened to be my Auntie - my Dad's 1st cousin) & 2 kids (12 & 17). I will surely miss him. I'm just glad that I get to see him and was able to talk stories with him like we used to do when i was younger. Please pray for his soul.

This is the last pic with my Uncle..it was even funny that we took this picture about 4 times because he didnt' like the angle. I will cherish all the memories. I never told you, but I love you Tito Dante. May your soul rest in peace.


kitty said...

God, ang hirap talaga mawalan ng loved one ano... like my brother, I am pretty sure your uncle is in a great place na rin, buti pa sya he got to live kahit 52 lang, pero ok na rin yun diba at least di na sila nag hihirap pag kinuha na sila ng Diyos. taga san ba kayo dito sa Honolulu? may business pala kayo dito?? aww,OO nga eh di pa tayo nagkikita eh. ok lang yun, mas maganda yung hindi sinasadya diba? kasi naman mag plano tayo wala mangyayari at saka walang time eh, magkikita rin tayo. at sana naman pag nagkita tayo eh yung day na hindi ako stressed sa work hahaha, yung mukha akong ewan ba? basta you can't miss me, hehee. oy, wawa naman si winter dinala mo pala sa tripler, hope she's ok, hirap pag may sakit ang isang bata diba, minsan gusto mo ikaw na lang mismo na nanay mag kasakit para di na masaktan anak mo. sya, miss winnie thanks for dropping by, sensya na masyado kasi busy tong babaeng to hehee mwahh


kRisTiNe said...

Our condolences, Winnie. God bless his soul.

michy said...

sorry to hear about your uncle. i lost an uncle to cancer too so i know how it feels. i pray that god will bless his soul and that he rests in peace.