Monday, September 22, 2008

My Winter...

I was busy this weekend and plus Winter got very sick and took her to the ER last night. She threw up 5 times in 7 hours with a fever of 100.9F. As always I waited 2 hours to be seen and another 2 hours for the test and results. (This is at Tripler Army Medical Center - Hawaii). Doctor said she might have an uti, so there's a follow up check tomorrow at the pediatrics. Hope everything is okay with her and that antibiotics can cure it. My poor baby was so kawawa the whole day. After the suppository tylenol, fell asleep for couple of hours and she felt better when she got up. As soon as she woke up she asked for crackers and tubig. I will update more tomorrow. But for now i want to do this, saw this from someone, but accidentally closed the window before i even get her url.

"Learning Alphabets, Numbers, Shapes, Colors & More"

Not to brag about my daughter..I just want to share how proud I am for my Winter everytime she learn something new..

At 1 1/2 yr old she can identify basic colors & shapes and few letters. she can name animals

At 2, she can identify all the letters, she can point & say body parts (in english & tagalog) - ulo, buhok, kilay, pisngi, tenga, ulo, ngipin, leeg, siko etc. She can name animals & sounds they make - including monkey, horse & elephant.

At 2 1/2 - she mastered counting 1-10 (in english, tagalog, spanish) & 1-5 (in japanese). She can identify from zero - ten (even trying to count up to 20)
She can name other shapes like octagon & hexagon. She can identify blue green, & yellow green. She knows her name, my name, daddy's name. grandparents names. her birthdate, place of birth, and the year when she was born - year of the rooster.

At 2 yrs & 9 months - she's trying to write letters (she can make 'W' & shapes (circle, triangle & square). she can make a smiley face, draw a balloon & lollipop.

She lovesssss to read books (before going to bed we read "a" book..but we always end up reading 3-5 books -some short & long stories). She loves to draw, color and paint. Thank God that she got her brains from her Daddy & not from me haha.

Speaking of....We miss Daddy a lot..he finally left for his's been 2 months that we've been apart (though he came here to visit us for the Labor day weekend - he was only here for 48 hrs - will make another post with 'a weekend with daddy')'s been 1 week that he left the States..I still have 11 months & 3 weeks to go...I hope time flies that we get to see Daddy again...

Here's a pic of Winter at the ER last night with her popsicle from the nurse and holding her basin on her other hand..this is after 4 hours of waiting...


kRisTiNe said...

Awwww... poor baby girl. Hope she gets better soooon, Winnie! Pero mukhang happy pa rin sya sa picture ha =).

PS She's so smart nga naman talaga! Where does she learn? Do you teach her all the time, or sa reading, or sa TV sya natututo?

Winnie said...

she's better na, thanks for the comment :) inaantay na lang ibang lab results.

i teach her all the time, tsaka reading & tv everyday hehe.

how's keyan? musta work ni gerry?