Friday, August 8, 2008

Winter's favorite toy - books!

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Winter loves toys too but if you put toys and books in front of her she'll rather pick up a book and start flipping the pages or will ask me or the hubby to read. Winter definitely got this from her daddy because i didn't like reading until I met my husband lol (Well i still don't read much only certain books by James Patterson). Hubby lovesss to read! I/We (if hubby is home) makes sure to read a book to her every day and before going to bed it is a must.

We have a collection of Dr. Seuss's books (hubby's favorite that's why)

Grenn Eggs and Ham..hehe

Yes, even "Where's Waldo?" and I swear she found Waldo couple of times lol

Loves to read her bedtime story book...reading Hansel & Gretel in this pic.

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Noreen said...

Thanks for the tag sister! uyyy email mo naman sakin ang cell# mo para text mates tayo hahahah eto


Mummy SHENG said...

thanks for the tag! will grab it soon!

kitty said...

nakow, makahalungkat nga ng mga pics ng anak ko, will definitely do this tag, sis Winnie. Oo nga eh, di na tayo nagkita. yeah, maybe you probably saw me already. for the last few weeks nasa labas ako nag li lead sa mga cashiers, turning keys sa mga errors nila. bago ako nagleave for the 29th of July yung 1st week nasa loob ako ng cash cage. minsan nga nagiging observant ako, hoping one day makita ka. one day ren, don't worry siguro that will be my first EB with someone online hehehe. I'm on leave until the 21st of Aug. so don't expect to see me sa commissary. pero sana pag nagkita tayo may pic naman tayo kahit papano lolz

oh sya, take care, miss Winnie!


kitty said...

I don't like green eggs and ham!


love that book. my brother had a set too since he was 3 and my mom brought it with her to pass it on to my son, and iniingatan ko yung mga dr seuss books kasi naman ayoko na mag order kahit mura, tagal na rin nung mga books na yun eh, gusto ko maipasa pa sa mga susunod pa naming angkan lolz

sa amin naman asawa ako ang mahilig magbasa, ako ang nag ta tyaga mag basa sa anak ko, kasi pag uwi from work asawa ko lagi pagod, pero pag hindi he tries to read and teach my son para naman may contribution sya hehee =D

sabi nga nila mas mabuti basahan mga bata habang maaga kasi magiging wide readers sila, mas maraming kaalaman. magiging walking encyclopedia raw sila hehee