Thursday, June 26, 2008

Navy Times

Reagan CSG to aid Philippines typhoon relief
By Gidget Fuentes - Staff writerPosted : Wednesday Jun 25, 2008 19:03:11 EDT

SAN DIEGO — About 6,000 sailors on six ships, led by the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, are assisting with humanitarian relief operations in typhoon-ravaged Philippines, Navy officials said Wednesday.
President Bush on Tuesday ordered the San Diego-based carrier strike group to deploy to the waters off Iloilo, a city in central Philippines south of Manila. The Reagan strike group includes the guided missile cruiser Chancellorsville, guided missile destroyers Decatur, Howard and Gridley, and guided missile frigate Thach.
Typhoon Fengshen struck the northern Philippines, where strong seas overturned a ferry, killing several hundred people aboard. Fengshen then headed to Taiwan and China as a tropical storm.

My husband's ship (USS Peleliu) was in the Philippines around this time last year for a month in a Humanitarian mission...
I took this picture on May 4th as the ship leaves again for a scheduled WesPac

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