Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Most Expensive Gas

June 11th - pic was taken at 32nd St. - 10 cents cheaper than the average - only with Military ID are allowed in this gas station. $4.34/gallon

June 18th - pic was taken at Mira Mesa Blvd.

June 23rd - at Coronado - which I think the most expensive gas that i've seen, my gulay! $4.89/gallon for regular.

$55 to fill up my tank yesterday for $4.39/gallon. This is ridiculous!


Anonymous said...

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kitty said...

susme, to think gas prices here in the island are expensive, mas lalo pala dyan! 4.25 dito arghhhh nakakamatay naman..

MAARTE said...

Grabe, D2 sa Utah ay $4.09 lang pero it's about $70 to fill up my tank. If I don't have kids, I'd be driving a really small car! hayayyayayy!