Saturday, June 7, 2008

Family Fun Day

Hubby planned today as a family fun started good.
we were going to the 1130 matinee show (to save) to see Kung Fu Kids.
We got ready late so we decided to catch the following show which is at 1245.
The theater we are going don't have military discount so we have to go
on base to buy movie tickets. Hubby also bought baseball tickets (Padres vs Tigers)
for June 22nd. It will be my and our first baseball game to watch together. I still don't get all the rules for this game but i'm getting there.hehe
After the movies we went back home to get hubby's car so to head to the Goodyear store to pick up his tires and rims that he ordered. The guy said to be there at 3. So we were there 3 o'clock sharp. And we waited...and waited..and was 4:30 already and the car is still there sitting at the parking lot. Hubby was already getting irritated so he talked to the guy why he told us to be there at 3 just to be stuck there and wait. So okay, he was like it is going to be done now...So ok we waited again...patiently...

We can see the car from where we were sitting and my husband was like "so do you like the rims". I looked and i was like "eh it's okay, wait it doesn't look right". Then we realized that it's not the right one! So now i'm irritated and pissed off as well. My husband was too pissed that I can't talk to him. All he told me that he will go back in the morning to talk to the manager.

Went back home to drop off his car then we went to the Navy Exchange to return the camera i bought because i found a better one and a cheaper price. Got there and I forgot the battery charger! arghh..can this day get any better? lol

So I was like i'm not in a mood to cook anymore so let's just grab something to eat. We went to the mall and ate Panda Express. I haven't had orange chicken in a long time, it's just yummyyy. Bought me some more Bath and Body works for the fambam in Hawaii and treated myself underwear from VS. (For those who doesn't know we don't have both stores in HI).

It was an OK day, i know i shouldn't complain a lot, i should just be thankful that I get to spend this day with my family.
The movie was funny though, Winter enjoyed it. Oh and she loves popcorn with a lot of butter lol

Hope everyone's having a great weekend =)

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