Sunday, June 15, 2008


Training helps bloggers hone professionalism

By CARYN ROUSSEAU, Associated Press Writer
Sat Jun 14, 4:34 AM ET

Miami real estate agent Lucas Lechuga began blogging to share his knowledge of the local market. He didn't bargain for a $25 million defamation lawsuit when he wrote that a Miami developer had gone bankrupt decades ago.

In Lake Geneva, Wis., commodities trader Gary Millitte registered the Internet domain name eight years ago, but is so worried about the legal boundaries of writing online that he still hasn't started the ultra-local news site.
Non-journalists entering the world of blogs, online feedback forums, online videos and news Web sites provide information that newspapers and other media can't or don't. But many are now turning to professional journalists for help with dilemmas they're facing: When is something libelous? What's the difference between opinion and news? And how do you find public documents?

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