Friday, June 13, 2008

3 movies...

so far for this month. It's been a while that we haven't watch a movie this often. Before Winter was born we go to the movies almost every weekend. Good thing i have a cousin that lives here in San Diego too and she offers to babysit Winter especially if there's a have to see movie. Ahh I just don't like the idea of those parent's night out thing. The My Gym that she goes to every Friday offers "Parent's night out" for $30/3 hours. Uhmm not only that i'm kuripot but i'd rather watch a movie with Winter or find something else that we can do as a family. (nagdahilan pa eh, sige na nga kuripot talaga ako, haha!)

The 1st movie Winter ever saw in the theater was Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!
She was good, watched the movie the whole time. Maybe because she's familiar with Dr. Seuss', she have most of the books and my husband's ultimate favorite.

3 movies in 11 days...

1. Iron man - 8.2/10

I like this movie, can't wait for the sequel....

2. Kung Fu Panda - 8.1/10

I think it's funny, i was laughing through out the movie. We enjoyed watching it.

Narnia was good too, it was just toooo long. Winter stayed up and this picture below was taken on the way out from the theater and she's wide awake at 11:30pm.


Have a Great day everyone :)


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Tey said...

wow buti ka pa, 3 movies.. I haven't watch a movie in theather for almost a year now...lols.. only on pirated dvds..
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